[ 25. November 2021 ]

DEGEM News – DÜSSELDORF – 1.12. concert NRW Forum / DUS music award to KOLORIT_Soundkollektiv

Von: Christian Banasik
Datum: Wed, 24 Nov 2021
Betreff: 1.12. concert NRW Forum / DUS music award to KOLORIT_Soundkollektiv

December 1st, 2021
7.00 pm
NRW-Forum Dusseldorf

Live-Concert: POD 2.0
play on demand

Irene Kurka, Sopran
Dorrit Bauerecker, Akkordeon / Toy Piano
Carter Williams, Elektronik

works by
Christian Banasik (WP)
Christian Jendreiko (WP)
Martin Tchiba (WP) and
Karlheinz Essl


„to be continued“ (Ver. 2)
by Christian Banasik


KOLORIT_Soundkollektiv receives the music award
of the state capital Dusseldorf in 2021

With its active and committed presence KOLORIT represents the young musical scene in Dusseldorf in the field of the latest electronic music and audiovisual media in a particularly innovative way.

In addition, a communication space was formed for experiments with a special focus on current trends as well as contemporary artistic-scientific and socio-cultural developments.

KOLORIT is a „sound collective“ founded in November 2018 at HSD – Hochschule Dusseldorf / Peter Behrens School of Arts / Christian Banasik class and was initially established as a platform for projects by students from various institutions in the audiovisual field and electronic music. There is close cooperation with the Robert Schumann University of Music and Media / IMM, the Academy of Fine Arts Dusseldorf and the independent art scene.

A dense network of artists and a collaboration with festivals such as “die digitale dusseldorf” soon developed from a few regional events.
One of the much noticed events was the performance in the Tonhalle Dusseldorf during the Schumann Festival 2021. Even in this difficult pandemic year, new artistic approaches were developed and successfully implemented.
The KOLORIT team is represented by: Alexandra Korczak, Lea Wolf, Andrea Sigrist and Anna Jungfer

Due to the pandemic situation, the award ceremony will take place next year in Düsseldorf City Hall.

best regards
Christian Banasik