[ 5. Juni 2012 ]

AUFRUF – Save the Logos Foundation!

Von: kristof lauwers
Datum: 5. Juni 2012 15:03:24 MESZ
Betreff: Save the Logos Foundation!

Dear All,

The Logos Foundation has formed a focal point for experimental Belgian
and international artists since 1968, showcasing contemporary music
and sound art.

Our workshops provide space for in-house artists and guests to build
innovative instruments and develop new technologies. Logos has its own
orchestra, Man & Machine, which consists of more than 50 interactive
musical robots and is absolutely unique in the world.

Along with numerous other arts organisations, the Logos Foundation
found out on Friday evening that it will lose its government subsidy
from 2013 onwards. It is expected to continue with an annual allowance
of 0 euros, despite receiving two positive recommendations from the
official evaluation committee. In other words, although both its
artistic plan and its business plan were judged feasible and
worthwhile, it was not allocated a subsidy.

Help to save Logos! Convince the Minister of Culture to still
subsidise our Foundation! Please follow the link below and sign the
petition and please spread this petition amongst your friends, so the
Minister of Culture can see the national and international support for
the Logos Foundation. Thank you!