drop the beat


drop the beat

DEGEM CD 16 (2018), „drop the beat“
Kurator: Felix Leuschner



Which significance does rhythm have for us?
Focus? Means to an end? The main parameter or one parameter of many?
How much time do we spend on rhythmic organisation while composing?
Is our music danceable?
Which sounds do we use to generate beats?
How do our electronic “percussion instruments” sound?
How is groove generated? Does my computer groove?
Can digital groove be distinguished from analogue groove?
What do our pulse grids look like?
Music on the timing grid, microtiming, quantisation?

– Felix Leuschner

With contributions from Marc Behrens, Jiayi Wu, Johannes Kreidler, Kai Niggemann, Kirsten Reese, Alex Hofmann, Matthias Ockert, Stefan Schulzki, Lina Posecnaite, Michael Harenberg and Jörg Lindenmaier.

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