[ 11. August 2010 ]

AUSSCHREIBUNG – Act — Zeitschrift für Musik & Performance, new peer-reviewed online journal

From: „Straebel | TU Berlin“
Date: August 11, 2010 5:16:07 PM GMT+02:00
Subject: [ak-discourse] Act–Zeitschrift für Musik & Performance, new peer-reviewed online journal

Dear colleagues,

With its first themed issue devoted to the topic „Computer Games and
the new peer-reviewed online journal „Act — Zeitschrift für Musik &
Performance“ would like to stimulate considerations of the field from
perspectives of musicology, theatre studies, media studies and related
disciplines in order to develop new ideas, approaches, and questions.

Possible subjects include:
* The history of computer game music
* The aesthetics of computer game music
* The relationship of picture and sound in computer games
* Interactivity
* Methodological questions

We invite all authors who have an interest in addressing this topic to
submit their essays. The supported languages are German, English,
French and
Italian. Contributions should not exceed 45,000 characters including

The submission deadline for articles is Sept. 1st 2010.

Please use the following email-address for questions and submissions:
act at uni-bayreuth.de

You may find the entire Call for Papers and Review Essays at the web
Please feel free to share it with interested friends, colleagues or


Best wishes,
Melanie Fritsch and Knut Holtsträter
Forschungsinstitut für Musiktheater
Schloss Thurnau
95349 Thurnau