[ 19. Januar 2017 ]

AUSSCHREIBUNG – BGSU: Master’s level Music Technology Assistantship

Von: Elainie Lillios
Datum: Tue, 17 Jan 2017
Betreff: [cec-c] BGSU: Master’s level Music Technology Assistantship

Bowling Green State University’s College of Musical Arts announces an open master’s level music technology teaching assistantship for AY 17/18.

BGSU has a music technology assistantship opening for AY 17/18.. We seek creative, qualified students to join our vibrant composer community. The Music Technology Assistantship is a 10 hour per week appointment. Music Technology assistants help with our music tech courses by attending class, taking attendance, grading, and helping students during tech help sessions. They also help maintain the studios by disarming/alarming the facilities daily, running software updates and completing various other maintenance endeavors. Lastly, they assist with some of our concert productions by setting up microphones, mixers, sound systems, etc.

Knowledge of OSX and OSX Server is preferred. Some knowledge of UNIX is helpful but not required. We also prefer students who have experience setting up sound systems, using microphones, running cables, etc. Knowledge of Ableton Live, Logic Studio and Max/MSP is also an asset.

Please note that there is NO SPECIALIZATION in music technology/electroacoustics at the master’s level; our degree is in composition. All of our composers write both acoustic and electroacoustic music (as desired.) Applicants must submit a portfolio that includes instrumental music. Students wanting an assistantship must complete an interview during one of the College’s scheduled audition days: January 28 or February 25.

BGSU students‘ electroacoustic compositions have had great success with international and national performances at ICMC, SEAMUS, Electronic Music Midwest, Electroacoustic Barn Dance, and others. Our alums have gone on to doctoral programs (including tech assistantships) at the University of Virginia, University of Florida, Northwestern University, Indiana University, The Eastman School of Music, and other fantastic programs.

Our Klingler ElectroAcoustic Residency (KEAR) program brings electroacoustic composers to our community to share their knowledge and experience. Past residents include Robert Normandeau (coming SP17), Adrian Moore, Louise Harris, James Andean, Jonty Harrison, John Young, Brad Garton, and Adam Basanta.

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