[ 23. November 2015 ]

AUSSCHREIBUNG – Electronic Music + Visual Art residency at The Banff Centre

Subject: Electronic Music + Visual Art residency at The Banff


From: Henry J Ng

Some of you may be interested in this Electronic Music + Visual Arts

program at the Banff Centre in March – applications are due *December 2,

2015. (Sorry for the last minute posting)

I work in audio at the Banff Centre, so please feel free to contact me

if you have questions at henry_ng(at)banffcentre(dot)ca

Convergence Residency: Electronic Music + Visual Art


Program Dates: March 6 – 26, 2016


We have entered into a post-instrument era in which music and visual art

born of technology produce contemporary, dynamic and convergent

new forms. Traditional apparatus and techniques are displaced by

computer based processes, virtual instruments, electronic hardware and

custom machines, stems, patches, waveforms and midi. This inaugural

residency welcomes artists working in rhythmic and experimental

electronic music realms, digital visual artists, and those pursuing

work that creates synergies between sound, music and art.

This residency provides the context for artists to research, conceive,

prototype and present new artistic works, tools, techniques and

perspectives for electronic music, sound, and visual creation. Under the

artistic direction of Patti Schmidt and Jen Mizuik, and led by faculty

Robin Fox and Uwe Schmidt with guest faculty who are specialists in

their fields, the program will offer sessions and workshops on modular

synthesizers, electronic music software and hardware, visual creation

software and methods, artistic process and philosophy, and the nature of

live performance in these technologically dominated fields. Together

artists, peers, and world-renowned faculty will exchange knowledge,

discuss ideas, experiment with processes, create, collaborate, perform,

and share artistic experiences.

Artists will have the chance to present their works-in-progress

throughout the program. The nature of the practices involved

will determine the presentation format and may range from a live

performance, an informal presentation, an installation, a talk

or workshop, or something else entirely. Artists will receive technical

and artistic guidance during the development of their projects and research.