[ 2. Januar 2011 ]

AUSSCHREIBUNG – McLuhan Centenary Celebrations

From: Robert Scott
Date: December 23, 2010 9:03:04 PM GMT+01:00
Subject: McLuhan Centenary Celebrations


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik (DEGEM)

Celebrating the life and work of H. Marshall McLuhan (July 20, 1911 –
December 31, 1980)

The McLuhan Legacy Network (MLN), a non-profit group based in Toronto,
Canada, cordially invites you as a member of the world wide community
of electroacoustic artists, acoustic ecologists, electronic/computer
musicians, sonic engineers, researchers, scientists, and sound media
scholars and business professionals to participate in the upcoming
festivities in 2011 marking the 100th anniversary of the birthday of
Herbert Marshall McLuhan, renowned Canadian explorer of media,
technology and culture.

The McLuhan Legacy Network hosts the official Centenary Web site
calendar of events and projects which promote McLuhan scholarship and
celebrate his wonderful insights into the new acoustic space we live
in. Many activities are already underway locally and globally and will
continue throughout the year and beyond; for example, the MLN is
hosting a week-long series of events between July 18 and 24, 2011, as
well as a high-level International McLuhan Conference at the iSchool,
University of Toronto in October, 2011. In conjunction with the
anniversary of Marshall’s birthday on July 20 and with the co-
operation of sound/sonic/audio artists and technicians from around the
world, the MLN also hopes to host an interactive and collaborative
global sound event to commemorate this special day.

The MLN also invites the global “sound” community to develop
soundscapes, electroacoustic environments, sound sculptures, sonic and
audio art productions and performances, as well as studies and
analyses which examine and illustrate Marshall’s prophetic ideas and
concerns about the new acoustic culture we are creating. The MLN will
post on its Web site all local and global projects and events which
celebrate the McLuhan Centenary. If you or your colleagues are engaged
in or plan a project, event or activity, individually or
collaboratively, to honour McLuhan’s life and work, please post the
information on the Media Legacy Network Web site. Contact Dr. Robert
B. Scott (Professor Emeritus, Ryerson University, Toronto), Acoustic
Project Lead, at 40bob.scott@gmail.com for further information.


The McLuhan Legacy Network also supports several long-term projects:

— Restoration of the community of McLuhan Scholars in Toronto

— Restoration of the Coach House and the McLuhan Program, University
of Toronto

— Development of an on-line McLuhan Museum associated with the Coach

— Production of a film documenting the 2010-2011 celebrations in
Toronto and abroad

For information regarding MLN membership, visit MLN’s Google Group Web
site at