[ 10. Januar 2011 ]

AUSSCHREIBUNG – Position in Electroacoustic Music

Von: Bret Battey
Datum: 10. Januar 2011 10:09:01 MEZ
Betreff: Please publicize a position in electroacoustic music

The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, faculty of composition,
conducting and music education along with the department of cross-
disciplinary music (students who specialize in jazz, ethnic, and
popular music as well as music for dance, film and theater) are
conducting a search for a faculty member in composition, specializing
in electro-acoustic music and computer music composition, beginning in
the academic year 2011-12.
We are looking for a composer who will be able both to teach and to
develop curriculum in the fields of electro-acoustic music and
computer application studies. We hope to get composers/teachers with
versatility in other musical fields and with experience in creativity.
The size of the position will be between a half-time and a full-time
position. The final scope of the position and the academic rank will
be determined according to the qualifications and skills of the person
We prefer to interview candidates with PhD or DMA (or those degrees in
progress) in composition and electro-acoustic/computer music training.
The search committee (five faculty members) will examine the
candidates‘ creative background and teaching experience in academic
institutions or other educational settings. Knowledge of Hebrew is
important, and preference will be given to speakers of Hebrew.
Please send a detailed CV including artistic experience and
achievements in the field, an application letter and a statement of
vision, articulating future plans in creative, educational and
institutional realms.
Materials should be sent to: Prof. Menachem Zur, Chair, Computer Music
Search Committee, The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, at the
following email address:
computermusicsearch@jamd.ac.il .
Materials must be received by no later than February 13th, 2011.
Do not send compositions, recordings or recommendations at this stage.