[ 1. August 2012 ]

AUSSCHREIBUNG – Positions at Computer Music Journal [2]

Von: Doug Keislar
Betreff: Positions at Computer Music Journal
Datum: 24. Juli 2012 20:44:27 MESZ

Computer Music Journal, the definitive MIT Press quarterly on computer music, invites applications for two positions: (1) an assistant editor for manuscript editing, and (2) an intern or assistant editor for managing peer review. The positions have no geographical limitations: the appointee may live anywhere in the world with reliable Internet access. Native English fluency is required, however. Members of underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply, as are all other qualified applicants.

For details, please see http://computermusicjournal.org/cmj-positions.html. Questions may be directed to the Editor, Douglas Keislar, at cmj AT mitpress DOT mit DOT edu.