[ 12. Oktober 2010 ]

AUSSCHREIBUNG – SoundImageSound Call for Works

From: Robert Coburn
Date: October 12, 2010 1:17:12 AM GMT+02:00
Subject: SoundImageSound Call for Works

SoundImageSound 8 ~ International Festival of New Music and Video
February 3/4, 2011
Conservatory of Music, University of the Pacific, Stockton, California

Submission Deadline (postmark) – Friday, December 3, 2010

In its 8th year SoundImageSound features the creative work of artists
who bridge sound and visual image in an experience of intermedia. This
year’s festival will present concerts of both fixed media works –
computer sound and projected video; and performance pieces – live
acoustic instruments and/or computer with visual media.

Guest artists include:
Jaroslaw Kapuscinski, composer/performer (Stanford/CCRMA Intermedia
Performance Lab)
Celia Eid, animation artist (France)
Amilcar Zani, pianist (Brazil)
Neil Rolnick, composer (RPI – New York)
Kathleen Supové, pianist (New York)

Works may be submitted in one of two categories –
1. Fixed Media: Video with multi-channel audio.
2. Live Performance: Video with live acoustic instruments and/or
computer music. Instruments available for performance consideration
include violin, clarinet, and bassoon. Composers wishing to submit
pieces for other instruments or live laptop performance must supply
their own performers.

For complete submission information go to:

Questions: rcoburn@pacific.edu
Conservatory of Music, University of the Pacific ~ http://www.pacific.edu/x1458.xml

Robert Coburn