[ 24. Mai 2010 ]

AUSSCHREIBUNG – Unique residency opportunity for sound artists

Date: May 22, 2010 1:10:26 PM GMT+02:00
Subject: Unique residency opportunity for sound artists

Dear all,
I thought some of you might be interested in applying for this unique  

For more information go to: http://www.wooloo.org/residency
NEW LIFE RESIDENCY is the world’s first non-visual residency program  
for artists. The residency is organized as part of Manifesta 8, the  
European Biennial of Contemporary Art, and will take place this fall  
in the Region of Murcia, Spain.

Five artists will be selected to live and work in a dark, visually  
distorted exhibition space for one week each. To support them in their  
life and work for the week, the artist will collaborate with a local  
Murcian assistant who is blind.

In collaboration with her/his assistant, the artist will use the one-
week residency to create a guided tour of the non-visual space and  
experience in which s/he is living. The blind assistant will be the  
guide of this tour in darkness and the tour will be open to the  
biennial audience.

All applicants must apply with their precise concept for this guided  
tour. A tour of a social sculpture, so to speak.

Apart from the guided tour, the five selected concept proposals will  
furthermore be exhibited in one of the main museum locations of  
Manifesta 8 and will be on view throughout the biennial from September  
30th, 2010 (preview) to January 9th, 2011.

Due to the site-specific nature of the project and its local  
collaboration, applicants who speak Spanish will be preferred.

Travel, living and production costs will be covered for the selected  

APPLICATION DEADLINE is August 15th, 2010.