[ 28. April 2012 ]

BELGIEN – max summer course 2012

From: Benjamin Thigpen
Subject: max summer course – stage d’été max
Date: 2012 April 27 7:54:01 PM EDT

Like last year, I will be teaching 2 courses on Max this summer in
Belgium. Please forward this information to anyone who might be
interested. Thanks!

7-12 August
Max for beginners
This will be some first steps in Max: the language, its structure,
syntax and logic; using Midi; basic techniques for synthesis, sampling
and processing; building musically useful patches.

14-19 August
Max for advanced users
The content will depend on the participants but may include such
topics as granular sampling, analysis and resynthesis with FFT, filter
banks, vocoding, various other types of processing, envelope
following, pitch following, attack detection, techniques for mixed
(instrumental and electronic) music, building live performance
patches, other miscellaneous and mysterious DSP issues and Max

The sessions will combine lecture-demonstration-explanation with
collective, hands-on, practical “instrument” building. In both courses
we will spend a lot of time making patches together, so you should
come away with a fair amount of concrete practical experience.

If at all possible, you should bring your own computer with Max
installed, a portable Midi controller (if you have one) and a set of
headphones. (There will be some computers and controllers available
for those who need them.)

The courses will be taught in English or French (or Italian!),
depending on the participants (probably English).

Musiques et Recherches, Ohain, Belgium (a peaceful place in the
countryside, near Brussels).

It is possible to camp on the grounds (free of charge).

Maximum enrollment



Practical information and enrollment
+32 02 354 43 68

Feel free to write to me if you have any questions.

Benjamin Thigpen