[ 26. Oktober 2016 ]

BERLIN – 07.11: Karkhana, Rashad Becker and Eli Keszler at Kantine am Berghain

Von: Manuela Benetton

Datum: Wed, 26 Oct 2016

Betreff: Berlin 07.11: Karkhana, Rashad Becker and Eli Keszler at

Kantine am Berghain

Monday, 7 November 2016

Kantine am Berghain – Am Wriezener Bahnhof 12043 Berlin




Facebook Event: here http://www.facebook.com/events/347407695607803/

Combining some of the most innovative players from each of three cities

(Beirut – Cairo – Istanbul), Karkhana http://www.karkhana-music.com/ met

in Beirut for the first time in February 2014 with the very ambitious

aim to bring together elements from the three major experimental music

scenes of the area. The band’s music strives to create a unique musical

blend combining free jazz and psychedelic with various shades of ethnic

and traditional music, traces of shaabi, tarab… Building on the

multi-instrumental capacities of its members, the group tries to develop

what could possibly be called a “Free Middle-Eastern Music”. – Video: (1


Current line-up:

Mazen Kerbaj: trumpet, mezmar

Umut Çağlar: reeds, flutes

Sam Shalabi: oud, electric guitar

Sharif Sehnaoui: electric guitar

Maurice Louca: organ

Tony Elieh: electric bass

Michael Zerang: drums, percussion

Artists Eli Keszler https://soundcloud.com/elikeszler and Rashad Becker

https://soundcloud.com/search?q=rashad%20becker will embark their second

European tour in November. These two avant garde composers and fluent

improvisers have performed as a duo only a few times before so expect

new ground will be broken with each show. Video: (1


Eli Keszler is a composer, artist and multi-instrumentalist based in New

York City. He has released two acclaimed albums for PAN, and was last

heard on record in collaboration with another estimable jammer, Oren

Ambarchi, and in collaboration with Tony Conrad, Christian Wolff and Joe

Mcphee amongst many others. His new record,Last Signs of Seed

(2xLP and Digital) will be released on Empty Editions


out November 17th.

Rashad Becker’s live sets evolve around the angle of traditional music

of notional species, a semi-abstract synthetic narrative that proves

appealing to a remarkably wide audience.