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Friday 17/12/2010 Doors 21:00, Concert 22:00

Elsenstr. 52/
2.Hinterhaus Etage 2
12059 Berlin Neukölln



Helena Gough is an English sound artist currently living in Berlin. Her work initially focused upon the collection and manipulation of ‘real-world’ sound material and the exploration of its abstract properties. Occasional deviations into synthetic and instrumental sources are now developing into more prominent ingredients. Each new sound-space is created by taking everything possible from the tiniest element, working to make something from nearly nothing. This reduction in means yields a density and richness of results.

As a solo (laptop) player she presents her music live on a regular basis, and is also a member of various improvising electro-acoustic ensembles involving musicians such as Lee Patterson, Andrea Neumann and Rhodri Davies. Her live sets are intended for dark spaces and involve multi-layering and improvisation with her sound materials in order to create a unique environment for each new performance. Studio collaborations are currently underway with Dutch composer Esther Venrooy and Swiss sound artist Zimoun.

Her debut solo album was released at the beginning of 2007 by the London based label Entr’acte, followed by a second album is June 2010.


Bernd Schurer’s artistic focus lies on the work with sound in a broad spectrum of different contexts: a constant shift, although, mostly investigating the experiential relationship between sound and what one would generally describe as space. There is a strong fascination in the study of the perception of sound and our interpretative patterns, and there has been done some artistic research in the domains of Psychoacoustics, Architecture, Auralization, Sonification and Audio- Visual Representation Systems. Presentations may vary from Computer Music Diffusion to Installation work to abstract Sound Art. Some of it has been exhibited internationally on various scales, from micro galleries to public space, from “art at home” to the Venice Art Biennial. Since 1996 he is co-editor and curator for electronic sound pieces at the domizil.ch imprint in Zürich, together with Marcus Maeder. Bernd Schurer was born 1970 in Zurich; he studied Philosophy and Film Science with Professor W. Schobinger at the University of Zurich in 1993 and Visual Art at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts 1998. He currently is a Master Student of Electroacoustic Composition and Theory / Media-technology at the Zürich Univeristy of the Arts with Professors Germàn Toro- Perés and Martin Neukom.


The tuba player Robin Hayward, born in Brighton, England in 1969, has been based in Berlin since 1998. He has redefined the tuba’s potential both in the areas of noise and microtonality, and his compositions for other instruments reflect a similar experimental, medium-specific approach. Pieces have been written for him by such composers as Alvin Lucier and Christian Wolff. He has toured extensively both solo and in collaboration. His approach to the tuba has been documented in the solo CDs Valve Division and States of Rushing, along with various collaborative releases. Active in many contemporary music ensembles including Phosphor and Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, in 2005 he founded Zinc & Copper Works for continued research into brass instruments.

The Microtonal Tuba

‘Originally conceived by Robin Hayward in 2003, the first fully microtonal tuba was developed in 2009 together with the firm B&S, with support from B&S and the Berliner Senat. The new system makes it possible to play every conceivable pitch throughout the instrument’s five octave range. All tuning systems, both tempered and non-tempered, thus become readily available, and the tuba’s timbral potential may now be explored independently of its microtonal potential.’


Elsenstr. 52/
2.Hinterhaus Etage 2
12059 Berlin Neukölln