[ 16. September 2015 ]

BERLIN – Befaco DIY Eurorack workshop

Subject: Befaco DIY Eurorack workshop

From: David Runge

Dies ist etwas für alle Eurorack Enthusiasten, mit freundlicher

Empfehlung/Unterstützung meinerseits.

This is something for all eurorack enthusiasts, kindly supported by

Yours Truly.

Befaco workshops are back in town!

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We are back!

After a few months, a new DIY eurorack workshop is coming.

And we come with a new location, new modules and really looking forward

seeing you all again!

After the closure of N.K. (a big loss for all of us) the good pals of



are so nice to host us the next 30th October and 1st November for an

eurorack DIY workshop. So mark the date in red in your calendar!

Reservation, starting with this workshop, will be done in advance

following this link


. With this new method we can make sure the first ones to register will

have a spot (avoiding the overbookings we had in the past) and make

sure that unexpected cancellations will not make the workshop a

financial disaster (as also happend in the past…)

Please make your reservation before the 15th of October as workshop

could be cancelled if a minimum ammount of people is not met. In this

unfortunate case, all reservations will be refunded.

Let’s go for the interesting part of the mail… the modules! We have a

couple of new modules in the list: Rampage, a complex function generator

/ signal processor, and Crush Delay v2, a revision of crush delay with

extra digital garbage generation!

The complete module list is this:

Instrument Interface



Crush Delay v2


135,00€ (NEW Improved version!!)






170€ (NEW MODULE!!)

Hexa VCA



Joystick Controller



Dual Atenuverter


65,00€ (Now only 5HP)




Power Bus






VC Slew Limiter



Sampling Mod.



Even VCO





55,00€ (Now only 5HP)

Output Module



As usual, drop us a mail for any question and to get further information

about the modules and workshop.

Once again: Hope to see you all during this new workshops seasson!

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