[ 18. November 2011 ]

BERLIN – BodyControlled #01 (26.11.2011)

Von: João Pais
Datum: 17. November 2011 12:40:04 MEZ

BodyControlled #01

other spaces

BodyControlled is a new exhibition and performance series at the Lab
for Electronic Arts and Performance – LEAP -, presenting artists who
are dedicated to performance art and have explored in their work the
medium of sound in electronic as well as other expressive art forms.

The first event of the BodyControlled series focuses on the theme of
other spaces. The works on display will both intertwine with LEAP’s
existing architecture and generate other virtual spaces. These areas
are either completely synthetically generated, reflecting directly the
current environment to a new sonic framework or condense an existing
space into specific digital imagery.

The opening will be concluded with a 12-hour performance by Robert
Henke going until Sunday morning. Visitors are welcome anytime, and
pillows will be available.

All performances at the opening night of BodyControlled will be
available from 20h CET via livestream on http://bit.ly/uXRgyq.

You can download the whole program at http://bit.ly/vdpPCm

Performances on the 26th November
Stephen Cornford & Paul Whitty (UK)
Peter Kirn (US)
Robert Henke (DE)

Instalations until 2nd December
Stephen Cornford (UK)
Julian Oliver (NZ)
João Martinho Moura (PT)
Robert Mathy (AT)
Aditionally, a recording of Robert Henke’s performance will be played.

Facebook-Event BodyControlled #1 open spaces: http://on.fb.me/tSZjj3

You can download the whole program at http://bit.ly/vdpPCm

Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance
(Berlin Carré, 1. Stock)
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13
10178 Berlin


How to find LEAP: http://bit.ly/pqTAJi
LEAP Facebook Page: http://on.fb.me/uxfyT2