[ 30. Oktober 2012 ]

BERLIN – Feedback Workshop in November @ N.K.

Von: Massimo Scamarcio
Datum: 29. Oktober 2012 12:08:37 MEZ

a workshop at N.K. (Berlin) November 27 & 28

Exploring & exploiting acoustic space and feedback, from the rhythmic, flanging reflections of tiny, narrow corridors to the long, deep reverberations of large halls and churches, space has always had a deep and inseparable relationship with sound. Sound carries with it the identity of the acoustic space in which it occurs: it travels through air, bouncing on walls and obstacles, waves of acoustic energy being absorbed, reflected, and progressively shaped by the characteristics of the room. This workshop focuses on the investigation of space and it will be open to participants using either SuperCollider, Max/MSP or Pure Data. A basic/intermediate knowledge of the software of choice is necessary.

During the 2-day, six hours-per day workshop, participants will be shown the basic techniques for analysing sound and extracting meaningful data such as pitch, amplitude, spectral centroids, frequency peaks and more. FFT will also be discussed and worked with. An important part of the workshop will be to use audio feedback as a way to investigate space and as a tool for systemic construction. Audio feedback is space-made-sound, and as such, techniques for triggering and controlling it will be introduced and discussed.

The workshop will then focus on the acoustic spaces and resonances of common-found objects.
By means of piezo contact mics, miniature microphones and other transducers, the “space” of
the objects will be explored and investigated, resonant frequencies will be measured and
feedback structures will be set up between the objects themselves and also between the objects
and the acoustic space of the room.

more infos: http://www.nkprojekt.de/feedback-as-space-space-as-feedback-with-massimo-scamarcio/

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