[ 4. Juli 2012 ]

BERLIN – HOBO SONN / GM Concert Berlin Jul 5

From: Farah Hatam
Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 2:55 PM

Thursday Jul 5th — Concert Sharp! 20:00 Don’t Come Late!

HOBO SONN / GM @ Jugend[widerstands]museum Galiläakirche

This concert is organized by NK

@ Jugend[widerstands]museum Galiläakirche
Rigaerstr. 9

HOBO SONN [Brighton, UK] “Hobo Sonn is mysterious, and something like an old piece of hollow resonant wood soldered to the score of Ligeti’s 16 voice Lux Aeterna, in the manner of a cross modulation system” He has participated in many musical formulations including collaborations with Dylan Nyoukis, Duncan Harrison, Karen Constance, Neil Campbell, Aaron Dilloway & Pascal Nicholls This “ bedroom concrète ” style of electro-acoustics has been described as
containing ” obsessive hallucinatory detail ” and his live performance “has as much in common with early minimal hip hop and modern composition as it does the black clad skronk heads”

“a musty sci-fi soundtrack feeling the shavings from a wheezing Akai Dirtbo dissolve in acid rain, bring a raincoat…” Dylan Nyoukis

LP & cassettes on Amen Absen, Rottenslushy, Soundholes. Split LP with
DECIMUS (Pat Murano, from NNCK) to come.


GM [Bruxelles, BE]
Primitive / Early Electronics

Gael Moissonnier is a French artist and experimental musician originally from Lyon, but now currently living in Brussels, Belgium. He plays in
Motherfucking, La 6eme Faute and Faux Amis. He was been playing at LUFF Festival Lausanne, Chuuuut ! Festival Marseille and Kill Your Pop Festival Dijon to name a few. Shared the stage with Sunburned hand of the man, Wolf Eyes, Blood Stereo, Astral Social Club… & collaborated with Part wild horses mane on both sides, High Wolf, Helhesten, Chora…

Most of his output has been released on his own Zerojardins imprint.