[ 15. Mai 2013 ]

BERLIN – Iancu Dumitrescu & Ana-Maria Avram / Steven Noll, NK, 17.5.

Fri May 17th 2013 Doors 21:30

Elsenstr. 52 / 2. Hinterhaus Etage 2
12059 Berlin Neukölln

An evening of Electronic & Computer Music celebrating the release of two new CDs

Iancu Dumitrescu/Ana-Maria Avram Computer assisted music and instruments

Iancu Dumitrescu Hazard and tectonics (I) – 15’30”
Crepuscule (I) – 16’21”

Euphorion alpha (24’22”)

Ana-Maria Avram: Metalstorm (I)


Romanian-born Iancu Dumitrescu and his wife Ana-Maria Avram are leading figures in experimental and ‘spectral’ composition. Their prodigious output includes over 300 unique works and 30 joint CD releases on their own Edition Modern label.
The last two Cds Edityion Modern EDMN 1029 and EDMN1030 will be launched before the concert.

“ Dumitrescu’s music is spectral, electroacoustic, but above all it is a coherent totality grounded in a different conception. Of all living composers, Dumitrescu is the one who has most exploded sound. Dumitrescu’s work is a negation, from the depths, of everything in contemporary music symptomatic of distraction, of banalisation, and of a radical loss of purpose. His music is not a new convolution in the knot of modern music, but an unravelling of the curse. (…) One of the first pieces I heard was “Pierres Sacrées”; I was very struck – as were many other people – by the sound of this music. It seemed quite unlike the usual sound of contemporary composed music. It had far more distortion, noise and violence. There seemed to be a shift away from stable fundamental frequencies, and a greater emphasis on the unstable aspects of sound…”

Avram’s music is particularly remarkable because of the very real warmth with which she imbues each of her pieces. Whether composing a solo work which she herself performs, or a piece for electronics, pre-recorded tape, and an entire chamber ensemble, Avram has a brilliant flair for the dramatic paired with a sense of subtlety that lends great contrast and excitement to each moment of each of her works. (…) These clips included here are just a few examples of the already deep contributions Avram has made, to the world of New Music” . WFMU Radio Station



The music of Steven Noll explores the relationship of gesture and sound on the crest of current music technology. It is the marriage of the latest software technology with creative music instrument design. In collaboration with artist Farahnaz Hatam, some of the inventions spawned from this marriage are the photo voltaic Air Guitar, the Orb, and the Photon Balloons. Examples of performances along with recordings can be found athttp://www.hearthat.org/,created and maintained by artist/webmaster Clause-Uwe Rank.

Born in 1958, at the age of 6, Noll began piano lessons and concluded his music education in 1980 at MSU with a degree in music composition and theory. Since then he has made his living as an accompanist for opera and ballet, working at schools and theaters in Darmstadt, Berlin, San Francisco, Paris and New York. His experience with the form and expression of classical music carries over into his avant-garde compositions. He has performed his own music in numerous underground and fringe venues in Europe and the USA.

His current repertoire consists of an amalgamation of just-intoned tunings using synthesized sound, processed live with sound effects algorithms using interactive keyboard controllers. The processed sounds are spontaneously sculpted into gestures creating a series of sonic vignettes. The music is symphonic in nature and is conceived to be auditioned as a symphony would be – as a vehicle for contemplation. Coincident with the music is the perennial idea of the active spirits of form, movement and ‘wisdom’ collaborating in the evolution of the perceptible universe, both subtle and manifest. The consequent sound waves present this collaboration in an eruption and metamorphosis of form and movement that conform to the subconscious ‘wisdom’ that permeates our perceptions. In the ethereal nature of the music itself is a mirror of our ethereal essence and subconscious inspiration.