[ 2. Mai 2012 ]

BERLIN – Mario Verandi and kel alaka at GMM thursday May 3rd at 8pm

Von: Mario Verandi
Datum: 2. Mai 2012 09:00:27 MESZ

Galerie Mario Mazzoli


Thursday May 3rd at 8 pm
Mario Verandi and kel alaka

Mario Verandi (electroacustic performance)
and kel alaka: Makiko Tominaga ( Butoh dance), Oya Erdogan (voice), Klaus Kürvers (Doublebass)

Mario Verandi primarily works with new technologies as an aid to exploring and expanding the boundaries of sound, space, perception and meaning. A distinct characteristic of his work is the exploration of the poetic and evocative potential of concrete and environmental sounds and their incorporation in sound compositions, audiovisual installations, live performances and radio art pieces. Verandis works fluctuate between the real and the artificial, between the tangible and the intangible, between experience and expectation.“Just as a master chess player can take a limited set of pieces and moves to construct an infinite variety of games, I make use of specific sounds, images and objects to design a variety of artistic contexts that seek to offer both, the reasurance of the familiar and the stimulus of the new and unexpected“ MV. http://www.marioverandi.de

kel alaka is a live improvisation trio involving Klaus Kürvers (Germany), Doublebass, Makiko Tominaga (Japan), Butoh dance and Oya Erdogan (Turkey), voice. Diverse cultural identities come together in this „Asia-meets-Europe“ trio creating a unique combination of sound textures and movement patterns. The trio combines experimental avantgarde with schamanistic-archaic roots.

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