[ 21. Mai 2012 ]

BERLIN – Mehmet Can Özer, WFS Konzert, TU Berlin, 23.5., 20h

Mittwoch, 23.05.2012 | 20:00 Uhr
TU Berlin | WellenFeld H 104 | Straße des 17. Juni 135

Mehmet Can Özer

Elektroakustische Musik für Wellenfeldsynthese

artXtory (2012, UA) for live electronics and fixed media

Katpatuka (2010) for fixed media

Mehmet Can Özer was born in 1981. His professional career started when he was accepted to Bilkent University FMPA composition division with full scholarship. He’s studied composition and orchestral conducting with Bujor Hoinic. After graduating, he was accepted to Conservatoire de Géneve for both electroacoustic and instrumental composition divisions. There he’s worked with Michél Jarrell and Rainer Boesh. Later he’s studied in Zurich HMT with Gerald Bennett. In 2005 he moved to Turkey and took a job in Baskent University as a Lecturer.

He took part in the Halici-Midi Composition Competition (1998), Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition (2003 and 2007), received the Goethe Institute Artist Award (2006) and SWR Experimental Studio Grant (2008).

He has performed in several international festivals such as Bourges (France), AudioArt (Poland), Remusica (Kosovo), Busan Biennale (Korea), Pyramidale (Germany), Acousmania (Romania), SMC (Greece), Generator (Switzerland), Electro-Globe (Belgium), Create (USA), EMUfest (Italy), Ankara International Music Festival (Turkey), Granada Festival (Spain), Estoril Festival (Portugal), DeSonanz (Macedonia), Apparat (Denmark), Notam (Norway), Exposition of New Music (Czech Republic), Animafest (Belgium), Bimbache (Germany) and conducted masterclasses in such places.

Apart from being commissioned at home, he received commissions from I.M.E.B. (France), Musiques-Recherches (Belgium) and EMS (Sweden) has been invited from their studios to realize a piece. In 2005 he has started electroacoustic music concert series in Ankara and organized many concerts up to 2007. In 2008, he has commissioned by Goethe Institute for Ernest Lubitsch’s silent movie „The Oyster Princess“ and gave improvised concerts through Turkey.

In 2009, first electroacoustic music CD in Turkey „Siyah Kalem’s Dance“ has been released. In 2010, he has been commissioned by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (Vienna) for „The Morning Line“ sound pavilion and by Visisonor Foundation(Amsterdam) for his „Siyah Kalem“ project. Currently he is working on his software „Aşure“ and giving concerts with it. Mehmet Can Özer’s instrumental compositions also played in various places and he continues to write for both instruments and electronics. Currently he is a lecturer in Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory.

… Der knapp 30-jährige Özer ist dabei strukturell, konzeptionell und was das sinnliche Erlebnis betrifft weiter als manche Akustiktüftler in unseren Breiten.
Jörn Florian Fuchs (Wiener Zeitung)

.. A big name in electroacoustic music.
Animafest (Belgium)


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