[ 5. Oktober 2010 ]

BERLIN – MISS MOTH (Chris Newman, Seth Josel, Bill Dietz) in BERLIN

From: bill dietz
Date: October 1, 2010 1:48:34 PM GMT+02:00
Subject: MISS MOTH (Chris Newman, Seth Josel, Bill Dietz) in BERLIN

Dear friends,

after a double Debut in London & Brighton, Miss Moth is happy to
announce it’s premiere public performance in Berlin!
Presented by Olaf Stüber & Ivo Wessel’s „Videoart at Midnight,“ we
hope to see you on Friday, the 8th of October at MIDNIGHT in the
Babylon Mitte Cinema. Admission is free.
An invitation is attached and you’ll find more information here: http://bit.ly/9CrWu3

For a taste of our London performance, have a look at
(Instead of in circles my body moves outward)
(Pardon, excusez moi – with Special Guest, Tania Chen)


C. Newman
S. Josel
B. Dietz

„A surreal style mash up not for the faint hearted.“ – Time Out London
„Literary, classicist punks.“ – The Wire

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