[ 8. September 2011 ]

BERLIN – N.K. Workshops: Introduction to SuperCollider, Noise As Input, Noise As Filter

Von: „NK“
Datum: 8. September 2011 14:52:46 MESZ

WORKSHOP | Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th of September 2011 13:00-18:00
Introduction to SuperCollider – from the very beginning.

This course assumes no prior knowledge whatsoever in the fields of computer science or sound synthesis. Starting from „what is a synthesizer,“ and with an emphasis on practical action, we progress quickly to making and controlling sound patches, taking in digital audio synthesis and computing topics as they arise.

WORKSHOP | October 26, 27, and 28 2011
Noise As Input, Noise As Filter /
A Compositional Approach by Kasper Toeplitz

Not so much, or not only, a software workshop, but rather a composition course in electronic music which takes as its starting point the use of noise, similar to the (white) canvas of a painter or rather to the block of stone of a sculptor.
Considering the noise as the sole input, more attention will be paid to its internal structure as well to its different shapes and colors, including way to manipulate it from the inside, starting the composition on the input material itself rather that only on its transformations.
The noise can of course be created by strictly digital means but can also be “extracted” from the “real world” – and one way to do so without simply recording what’s “outside”, is to use webcams to bring a digital version of the world – vision being transformed into (noisy) sounds.
Noise, as in white noise, pink noise, black, fractal, etc, as the prime, or even only source for real-time composition/synthesis ; then we work on blocks of sound and not on pitches, have “clouds” of sound with more or less precise limits – “uncertain limits” -, different textures of different densities. Close to the orchestral ideas of people such as Ligeti, Penderecki, Xenakis or Scelsi.
The examples will be given in Max/MSP and Jitter, but other softwares are welcome, as the workshop is much more about the “why” than the “how”, and the goal is to create a composition based on the ideas explored there.

NK, Elsenstr. 52/2.Hinterhaus Etage 2, 12059 Berlin Neukölln