[ 11. Dezember 2011 ]

BERLIN – NK Tuesday Dec.13 2011: PRES revisited

Von: Manuela Benetton
Datum: 11. Dezember 2011 13:03:57 MEZ
Betreff: NK Tuesday Dec.13: PRES revisited
N.K. Tuesday Dec 13th 2011 Lecture 19:00 Concerts 20:30 Sharp!

POLISH RADIO EXPERIMENTAL STUDIO Revisited: Lecture/ Presentation/
Lecture with presentation of original recordings from Polish Radio
Experimental Studio and four live music sets with reinterpretations of
the pieces by Phil Durrant, Thomas Lehn, DJ Lenar, Mikolaj Palosz,
Eddie Prévost, Maciej Sledziecki, John Tilbury, and a solo performance
by Reinhold Friedl.

The concerts will promote new releases by Bolt Records – all
dedicated to PRES and containing long-unreleased original (remastered)
electronic pieces created in the Studio as well as new interpretations
of the pieces. Among the interpreters featured on albums are John
Tilbury, Eddie Prévost, Zeitkratzer, Thomas Lehn and many others.

19.00: Michal Libera – Lecture / Presentation

20.30: Concerts:

DJ Lenar plays Eugeniusz Rudnik
Thomas Lehn plays o.t. für BS (inspired by Bogusław Schaeffer’s
electronic Symphony)
Phil Durrant / Mikołaj Pałosz / Eddie Prévost / Maciej Sledziecki
play a selection of PRES compositions
John Tilbury plays Tomasz Sikorski solo piano pieces
Reinhold Friedl solo


Elsenstr. 52
2. Hinterhaus, 2. Etage
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