[ 23. September 2014 ]

BERLIN – Oct. 10-12: Ben Vida presents: Damaged Particulates

Subject: Berlin Oct. 10-12: Ben Vida presents: Damaged Particulates
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2014
From: Manuela Benetton

Ben Vida presents: Damaged Particulates

Opening Friday 10.10.2014 19.00
Artist Talk moderated by Lisa Blanning 19:00
Concert sessions from 20:45

LEAP, Leipziger Str. 63, 10117 Berlin

Damaged Particulates is a work that oscillates between performance,
installation and sculpture, and is experienced as much by touch as by
hearing. Originally commissioned for Unsound Festival NYC, this new
version explores further the possibilities of multisensory sonic reception.

With the work ‘’Damaged Particulates’’ Ben Vida delves into the
enveloping world of “direct bass”. Utilising a four-channel, twin-sub
sound system and 25 individual SubPacs, a tactile audio system placed on
each audience members seatback, which directly transfers low frequencies
to the body, this highly detailed and immersive piece for electronics
examines the dimensional and spatial qualities of analog and digital

Damaged Particulates is a project in partnership with Unsound Festival
2014, Subpac, the Electronic Studio of TU, Faculty of Audio
Communication, Berlin, curated by Manuela Benetton in collaboration with

Places are limited (please email ‘’Damaged Particulates’’ with preferred
session to info@xleapx.org to register and
guarantee your space for a session)

Friday 20:45, 21:30, 22:15

Saturday 15:30, 16:15, 17:00, 17:45

Sunday 15:30, 16:15, 17:00, 17:45

Ben Vida is a New York based artist and composer. He has been an
active member of the international experimental music community for two
decades with a long list of collaborators, bands and releases to his
credit. In the mid 90’s he co­founded the group Town and Country and has
since worked as a solo artist with releases on such labels as PAN, Alku,
Shelter Press and Kranky. He has presented works in a range of museums,
galleries and music venues including the MoMA, The Kitchen, the MCA, ICP
London, Audio Visual Arts, The Artist’s Institute and the Sydney Opera
Recent activities include performances at LiveArtsWeek at Museo d’Arte
Moderna di Bologna, the Royal Festival Hall as part of the Meltdown
Festival in London and an exhibition of prints coupled with a solo
performance at Lisa Cooley Gallery, Manhattan. This spring he will stage
the next iterations of his video and performance pieces, Slipping
Control and Damaged Particulates at 356 Mission in Los Angeles.

Lisa Blanning is a music journalist and editor. She spent six years on
staff at The Wire Magazine and now lives in Berlin, writing regularly
for publications like The FADER, Electronic Beats and others.


Lab for Emerging Arts and Performance
Leipziger Str. 63 (Ecke Markgrafenstraße)
10117 Berlin