[ 1. November 2013 ]

BERLIN – Sat., Nov. 2-3: John Duncan and Ursula Scherrer: Narcomantic

Von: Manuela Benetton
Betreff: Berlin, Sat., Nov. 2-3: John Duncan and Ursula Scherrer: Narcomantic
Datum: 31. Oktober 2013 19:39:34 MEZ

Saturday, November 2nd-3rd – 23h-6h
at Mindpirates Auditorium – Berlin

NARCOMANTIC with John Duncan and Ursula Scherrer

An experiment in hypnosis and dream manipulation of a voluntary audience as they sleep.

Narcomantic is an all-night surround-sound-and-video performance with multiple video projections by Ursula Scherrer in collaboration with the experimental electroacoustic musician and composer John Duncan. With movements timed to match the dream cycles and induce purposeful wakings for dream and vision documentation at appropriate intervals throughout the night – be it by loud sounds or a whisper or by quick bright lights – Ursula Scherrer and John Duncan will take the audience to the outermost borders of their consciousness and occasionally beyond: to hypnagogue states between waking and dreaming, to guided tours through their dormant imagination, differences between their dreaming and the projected images and sounds gradually becoming difficult and irrelevant to discern.

Kindly supported by Pro Helvetia


Mindpirates Auditorium
Falkensteinstr. 48 10997 Berlin
Haus F, 5th Floor