[ 26. Januar 2015 ]

BERLIN – Sound Studies Lecture No56

Sound Studies Lecture No56
Liebe Freunde der Sound Studies,

ich freue mich sehr, Ihnen die n�chste Sound Studies Lecture mit*Valery
Vermeulen* als Gast ank�ndigen zu k�nnen.

*Montag – 2. Februar 2015 – 19:00 Uhr*

Valery Vermeulen
*Mathematics and artificial intelligence as innovative tools for music
composition and performance*

Valery Vermeulen is an electronic musician, music producer,
mathematician, new media artist and guest lecturer. In 2001 he obtained
a PhD in pure mathematics at the University of Ghent, conducting
groundbreaking research in the field of algebraic group theory and
superstring theory. Between 2001 and 2005 Vermeulen worked at the
Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music on a research project
focusing on the link between music and emotional response. Since 2004,
Vermeulen has been working on various interactive multimedia projects
where the emotional man-machine interaction plays a central role. With
his latest project, the EMO-Synth project (supported by the Flemish
Audiovisual Fund and Flanders Image), his work focuses on interactive
multimedia systems where image and sound generation are directed by the
emotional responses of the viewer. Vermeulen also currently works as a
statistical expert and consultant, and is finishing his studies in music
production at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent.

All concepts and ideas are discussed throughout a selection of three
recent sound works of Vermeulen:
* Mikromedas: data-driven musical project in which compositions are
elaborated using data from our solar system and deep space.In the
project compositions are produced using various astrophysical data
streams. The streams include sampled radio astronomical data coming from
several sources (e.g. pulsar stars whose streams are up to 20000 years
old) and measured by different devices (e.g. Voyager1 and Voyager2
spacecrafts). Other data sources are scientific data (live) feeds
recorded by satelites and/or telescopes. Using newly developed
sonification techniques the data streams are integrated into the
composition proces as well as live performances. Website: http://www.mikromedas.net
* Krystal Ball: sound art project on the financial credit crisis, the
work of I. Xenakis and generative music composition and sound synthesis
and sonic interaction design. Central theme in this project is a
critical dialogue on the mechanisms and misuse of mathematical models
that led to the financial credit crisis of 2008.
* EMO-Synth: interactive multimedia project where an artificial
intelligence system is developed that automatically generates
personalized soundtracks for a given movie that have maximal emotional
impact onto the user/viewer. This project was realized with the support
of the Flemish Authorities. Website: http://www.emo-synth.com.

Die Veranstaltung ist �ffentlich, der Eintritt frei