[ 26. November 2015 ]

BERLIN – summer of love extended | midissage 01. December 2015

Subject: summer of love extended | midissage 01. December 2015

From: Douglas Henderson

Hello Friends,

I am very happy to announce that my solo exhibition /summer of love/

at Galerie Mario Mazzoli, has been extended, and will now run until

16. January 2016.

To celebrate we will have a midissage, in collaboration with INM’s

itinerant interludes program.

Interventions for ii#67 include readings of poems by Gregory Corso,

Hedwig Gorski, and percussive interruptions by Tony Buck.

Do stop by, and if you can’t make it for the midissage, by all means

come to the show!

Warm regards,



Tuesday 01. December, 19 – 21h

Galerie Mario Mazzoli

Potsdamerstr. 132

Berlin D-10783

T/F +49-(0)30-75459560

summer of love – solo show by Douglas Henderson

October 24th 2015 – January 16th 2016

Opening times: Tu-Sa 12-18h and by appointment




Douglas Henderson’s /summer of love/ is a large, multi-component

sound/sculpture installation consisting of 21 giant kinetic flowers made

of kevlar, carbon fiber and fiberglass, up to 250cm tall. At the base

of each flower is a loudspeaker, pointed upward, and a mechanism which

allows it to rotate according to the vibrations of the speaker

membrane. A 16-channel electroacoustic composition constructed around

beat poet Gregory Corso’s controversial poem BOMB, in which he

satirically idolizes nuclear weaponry, broadcasts from the flower

blossoms. This in turn drives the whirling choreography of the garden

and creates a highly complex soundfield, as frequencies, reflections and

doppler shifts continually re-spatialize the soundtrack.

/summer of love/ plays on the paradoxical fear of, and desire for global

annihilation. Our obsessive fears of apocalypse, nourished by the

media, seem to become the subject of a bizarre fashion show: each

generation has its threat. In 1967 it was the atom bomb, while today

global warming competes with ISIS on the catwalk of doom. With this new

work Henderson embraces these fears as a means of conquering them,

cultivating a dancing garden to survive the Flood.

Featuring readings by actors Meret Becker, Anna Clementi, Julia Stefani

Möller, and Hedda Oledzki, the composition weaves together the readings

of the poem, cross-synthesized with archival sounds and percussion

phrases played by Tony Buck.

Douglas Henderson

largesound@gmail.com largesound@gmail.com>