[ 10. Juni 2010 ]

BERLIN – Sun 27th June 2010, Electronic Music Concert 04 Theaterkapelle

Von: Daisuke Ishida
Datum: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 21:52:00 +0200

AUSREIHE Presents : Electronic Music Concert 04

Date: Sunday 27th June 2010
Time: 16:00 Open – 20:00 End
Fee: €10 / €8
Venue: Theaterkapelle
Address: Boxhagener Straße 99
10245 Berlin Friedrichshain, Germany

Lineup a-z:
Bernd Schurer (CH) Zurich
Daisuke Ishida (JP) Berlin
Lee Gamble (UK) London
Martin Supper (DE) Berlin
Yutaka Makino (JP) Berlin

* Reserve a ticket in advance:
There is limited amount of discount tickets available in price €8 for
non-student audience.
Please write an email to info(at)ausreihe.com before Friday 25th June.

* For our off-site audience:
Realtime streaming service through USTREAM MIGHT happen.
Please check http://twitter.com/ausreihe for the streaming address.

Bernd Schurer (CH)
My artistic focus lies on the work with sound in a broad spectrum of
different contexts: a constant shift, although, mostly investigating the
experiential relationship between sound and what one would generally
describe as space.
There is a strong fascination in the study of the perception of sound and
our interpretative patterns, and i have done some artistic „research“ in the
domains of Psychoacoustics, Architecture, Auralization, Sonification and
AudioVisual Representation.
Presentations my vary from Computer Music Diffusion to Installation work to
abstract Sound Art. Some of it has been exhibited internationally on various
scales, from micro galleries to public space, from „art at home“ to the
Venice Art Biennial. Since 1996 he is co-editor and curator for electronic
sound pieces at the domizil.ch imprint in Zürich, together with Marcus
Bernd Schurer was born 1970 in Zurich; he studied Philosophy and Film
Science with Professor W. Schobinger at the University of Zurich in 1993 and
Visual Art at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts 1998. He
currently is a Master Student with Professors Germàn Toro- Perés and Martin
Neukom of Electroacoustic Composition and Theory / Media-technology at the
Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK). He lives in Zürich and Berlin.
http://heterophenomenological.net/ http://www.domizil.ch/

Daisuke Ishida (JP)
Daisuke Ishida is a Berlin based artist working with sound and contemporary
He is interested in designing processes, physical environments in artistic
contexts. His works pursue aesthetics and consequence of computer music, and
seek to realize synthetic space in sound. His research includes Acoustics,
Auditory Perception, Complex Systems and Machine Learning Based Algorithm.
He established AUSREIHE, an independent organization committed to
experimental electronic/computer music since 2009, is involved with the
artist collective NK, which is dedicated to sound art practices in Berlin.
in 2005 he participated in the MobLab project, a Japanese-German media camp.
Together with Ken Furudate, Kazuhiro Jo and Mizuki Noguchi, he founded The
SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA and The SINE WAVE QUARTET in 2002, which received
Honorary Mention in Digital Music category of the Prix ARS Electronica 2004
and Stiftung Niedersachsen work stipends for Media Art 2009 at Edith Russ
Site for Media Art.
Daisuke Ishida has presented his artistic activities internationally such as
ICC – InterCommunication Center(Japan), deaf – Dutch Electronic Art
Festival(The Netherlands), transmediale(Germany), ART + COMMUNICATION WAVES
– ARSENALS of the Latvian National Museum of Art(Latvia), SMT – Sendai
Mediatheque(Japan), YCAM – Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media(Japan),
International Triennale of Contemporary Art YOKOHAMA(Japan), Japan Now
modern performing arts festival(Germany), MART – Museum of Art, Rovereto and
Trento(Italy), Interferenze new arts festival(Italy), ISEA – Inter-Society
for the Electronic Arts(USA), steim(The Netherlands), La Générale(France)
and Edith Russ Site for Media Art(Germany).

Lee Gamble (UK)
Founding member of the UK-based CYRK collective, explores abstraction
through computer software, improvisation, digital synthesis, process, and
the deconstruction, mutation and reconstruction of form.
He has performed solo throughout the U.K and Europe and in collaboration
with electronic composer John Wall. His computer compositions are published
via UK label Entr’acte. His recent full-length album Join Extensions has
just been released; his second full length will be released in late 2010 on
Berlin based computer music imprint AUSREIHE. Collaboration with artist and
researcher Yutaka Makino follows, also a work for Thomas Bey William
Bailey’s Belsona Strategic Label and GX Jupitter Larsen’s Zelphabet series.
Lee has curated and co-curated various events and has produced and curated
radio series’ for London arts radio station Resonance 104.4FM.
Lee has DJ’ed for many years at venues and on several radio stations. He
has created podcast mixes for various organizations, the most recent one for
the Icasea podcast series.

Martin Supper (DE)
He studied computer science, linguistic and musicology in Technical
University Berlin. As a DAAD stipendiary, he studied computer music and
electroacoustic music with Gottfried Michael Koenig in The Institute of
Sonology in University of Groningen Utrecht, The Netherlands. He holds
Diplom in computer science and PhD in musicology. Since 1985, He is the
director of the Studio for Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art in Berlin
University of the Arts.

Yutaka Makino (JP)
Yutaka Makino is an artist and researcher currently based in Berlin. His
research seeks to amalgamate the historic precedents of computational
composition and science, involving research in non-standard sound synthesis,
spatial perception, acoustics, collective behavior, complex dynamical
systems and new materiality. His works range from sculpture to sound works
including computer music compositions and spatial sound installations that
utilize spatial projection processes such as Wave Field Synthesis to achieve
total physical immersion.
His works have been recognized/performed at numerous festivals and
competitions internationally. He has been awarded the Prix Ton Bruynèl 2007
and the DAAD Berliner Künstlerprogramm 2010. He was in residence at the
MacDowell Colony, Visby International Center for Composers, TU Berlin
Electronic Music Studio and STEIM.
With the turntablist Takuro Mizuta Lippit alias dj sniff of STEIM, he
frequently performs as Audile.
In 2009, he founded an independent computer music label, Strukto.

AUSREIHE is an independent organization dedicated to experimental
electronic/computer music, founded in Berlin, Germany 2009.

AUSREIHE : Daisuke Ishida