[ 5. September 2011 ]

BERLIN – Workshop: Programming Custom Audio Effects (VST/AU) with JUCE – An Introduction, 17.09.

Von: Peter Vasil
Datum: 5. September 2011 17:53:56 MESZ

(17.09.2011) Workshop: Programming Custom Audio Effects (VST/AU) with
JUCE – An Introduction

„Audio plugins“ are computer programs that can be executed within
certain audio production professional tools to transform or produce
sounds. They are thus a way to take advantage of existing software and
insert our personal ideas for music creation without neither having to
repeat their work nor having to adapt to their structure. The JUCE
library simplifies greatly the development of „audio plugins“ in C++,
unifying various formats and platforms in a single source
specification and providing tools to design their Graphical User
Interface quickly.

In this workshop, we will help you code a fancy ‚Ping Pong Delay‘ from
a simple ‚Gain‘ plugin template. Among other things, at the end of the
session, you should be able to create compelling GUI’s (widgets and
background images) and automatable plugins to process audio inputs in
the temporal domain.

Do you already know what is being taught but you would like to come
anyway and meet other music programmers in the city? Come around 18h
and join us (free donation). You will be able to briefly introduce
everybody to your stuff with the Beamer (if you want to).

Basic C++ programming skills. A laptop (with a wireless card and a
sound card) running Ms Windows or Mac OSX.

Location: Max Fish (ACUD) (Veteranenstr. 21, 10119 Berlin!)

Time and date:
Saturday, 17.09.2011
Workshop: from 15h to 18h, Presentations: from 18h to 20h.

Price: 25€

Places are limited to 15.

Registration & more details: http://drwx.org/workshops/