[ 15. Februar 2011 ]

BEWERBUNG – Open positions for the CompMusic project

From: Henkjan Honing
Date: 2011 February 14 8:11:58 AM EST
Subject: [AUDITORY] Fwd: open positions for the CompMusic project

Open PhD and postdoctoral positions for the CompMusic project
CompMusic, Computational Models for the Discovery of the World’s
Music, is a research project funded by European Research Council and
coordinated by Xavier Serra from the Music Technology Group of the
Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona (Spain). The project will start
on September 2011 and will last for five years.

The main goal of the project is to advance in the field of Music
Computing by approaching a number of current research challenges from
a multicultural perspective. It aims to advance in the description and
formalization of music, making it more accessible to computational
approaches and reducing the gap between audio signal descriptions and
semantically meaningful music concepts. It will focus on the
development of information modelling techniques applicable to non-
western music repertories, developing computational models to
represent culture specific music contexts.

CompMusic will approach these challenges by combining methodologies
from disciplines such as Computational Musicology, Music Cognition,
Information Processing and HCI. It will deal with a variety of
information sources such as audio features, symbolic scores, text
commentaries, user evaluations, etc…It will focus on some of the major
non-western art-music traditions, specifically Indian (hindustani,
carnatic), Turkish-Arab (ottoman, andalusian), and Chinese (han). The
project will involve research teams and users immersed in the
different music cultures.

At this point of the project we are looking to fill several post-doc
positions at the MTG-UPF to work on topics related to Computational
Musicology and Music Cognition. We are also looking to fill several
PhD positions at the MTG-UPF to work on a variety of topics related to
the project. The students will enrol in the PhD program of the
Department of Information and Communication Technologies of the UPF.
Interested applicants, for both postdoc and PhD positions, should send
a CV and a letter of motivation, expressing the research interests in
relation to the CompMusic project, to Xavier Serra

Relevant links:
Xavier Serra: http://www.dtic.upf.edu/~xserra/
Music Technology Group: http://mtg.upf.edu/
Universitat Pompeu Fabra: http://www.upf.edu/en
PhD program of the UPF: http://www.upf.edu/doctorats/en/programes/audiovisuals/presentacio/
European Research Council: http://erc.europa.eu/

Xavier Serra
Music Technology Group
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona