[ 9. Dezember 2011 ]

BEWERBUNG – Opening of a research position at INESC Porto, Portugal

From: Matthew Davies
Subject: Opening of a research position at INESC Porto
Date: 2011 December 7 5:25:40 AM EST

The Sound and Music Computing Group of INESC Porto (http://smc.inescporto.pt
) is happy to announce the opening of a 6-month graduate research
fellowship (renewable up to 14 months) for the following research
project: „ShakeIt – Mechanisms of Musical Groove and applications“.

Groove is the quality of music that makes people tap their feet, rock
their head, and get up and dance.
In the ShakeIt project (http://smc.inescporto.pt/shakeit/), funded by
FCT (Portuguese Ministry of Science), we explore the properties of
sound signals that induce the experience of groove in listeners, and
follow three principle research directions:
1. Computational modeling of groove features from audio.
2. Empirical experiments with human participants to validate these
3. Implementation of software for real-time generation/manipulation of
polyphonic rhythmic sequences conveying the groove of a certain style,
or for gradually changing the groove feel of a rhythmic sequence at

The researcher will join an international research team and will work
directly with Matthew Davies, Carlos Guedes and Fabien Gouyon in Porto
and Prof. Guy Madison in Umea (Sweden).

The researcher is expected to develop novel features for the
computational description of groove in musical audio signals building
on existing research at INESC Porto in beat tracking, rhythm
classification, microtiming and groove estimation/transformation.
These features will be systematically evaluated in comparison with the
state of the art over large collections of audio data. The researcher
will also collaborate on the development of a prototype for real-time
generation/manipulation of polyphonic rhythmic sequences.

Candidates should hold a diploma (minimum Bachelor’s degree) in Music
Technology, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or a related area.

Application period: 7th to 26th December 2011
Duration of the grant: 6 months (renewable up to 14 months)
The preferred start date is 01/01/2012 but this is negotiable
Location: Porto, Portugal
Working language: English
Desired experience: Musical knowledge, experience with Max/MSP or Pd, C
++ (MARSYAS considered a plus), any scripting language
We seek candidates who are open-minded and creative.

For further information on the grant the application, please go to

(in English),


(in Portuguese).

Informal inquiries can be made directly to either Matthew Davies (mdavies@inescporto.pt
) or Fabien Gouyon (fgouyon@inescporto.pt).