[ 21. September 2012 ]

BEWERBUNG – Position in Electronic Music / Sonic Arts

Von: Dugal McKinnon
Betreff: Position in Electronic Music / Sonic Arts
Datum: 21. September 2012 11:28:36 MESZ

A new position has opened up at the New Zealand School of Music. A summary follows below, with a link to the full role description. Application deadline is 21 Oct. Please circulate!

The New Zealand School of Music (NZSM), a joint venture of Massey University and Victoria University of Wellington, seeks applicants for a Victoria University appointment as Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Electronic Music/Sonic Art. […]

As part of our commitment to lively engagement with contemporary musical practice and music of the recent education in Sonic Arts, including electroacoustic composition, electronic performance, sound-based installations, multimedia and the history and theory of electroacoustic music. […]

We are seeking someone with expertise grounded in creative and/or performative practice, strongly underpinned by knowledge of music technology with a focus on live electronic music and/or interactivity. Additionally, evidence of a background in computer science or engineering or critical/theoretical scholarship, an interdisciplinary approach reflecting the multiple facets of musical practice in contemporary culture, and an ability to bridge boundaries between academic study and creative practice, would be an advantage.