[ 7. Oktober 2015 ]

BRUSSELS – Simon Vincent: Konzerthinweis: „…Falling Man, Rising Woman…“, 8. Oktober, Brussels

Subject: Simon Vincent: Konzerthinweis: „…Falling Man, Rising

Woman…“, 8. Oktober, Brussels

From: Simon Vincent

Anbei eine Konzertankündigung für 8. Oktober, Brussels



Beste Grüße,

Simon Vincent

8th-11th October.

The Other, The Self #1

On Gender, Voice, Language, Identity.

Q-02 Brussels.

with Pauline Oliveros, IONE, Lina Lapelyte, C. Spencer Yeh,

Simon Vincent, Jaume Ferrete, Jane Dickson, AGF/Antye Greie,

Richard Scott, Lucy Duncombe, Anneke Kampman, Anat Ben David,

Angharad Davies, Nouria Bah, Heidi Heidelberg, Rebecca La Horrox,

Sharon Gal.

As part of the opening events, I will be performing my work

„… Falling Man, Rising Woman …“ for Solo Voice and Live


Commissioned by Lena von Geyso and Elisabeth Pichler (D21, Leipzig),

“ …FALLING MAN, RISING WOMAN… “ for Solo Voice and Electronics


Germaine Greer’s podium speech in answer to Norman Mailer and the short

poem by Charlotte Perkins Gilman entitled “Locked In”.

The solo performer chants in an intense mantra-like whisper Perkins


text for almost the entire duration of the 26-minute work, bringing


to a state of exhaustion, deeply confined within the bounds of her


These whispers are transformed live, fragmented and diffused through a


space in such a way that they are rendered incomprehensible. The


wearing a white face mask allowing no facial expression to be seen, is


locked inside this incomprehensible text, as well as surrounded by

transformations of Greer’s speech, which become ethereal choirs,


the performer as an electroacoustic aura.

The conclusion of the work was recently featured in The Wire Magazine’s