[ 8. Dezember 2014 ]

CALL – [Algorithmic composition] Looking for examples for a book chapter

Von: Torsten Anders
Datum: 8. Dezember 2014 02:09:47 MEZ

Dear friends and colleagues,

For a forthcoming Handbook on Algorithmic Music I have been invited to write a chapter on knowledge-based algorithmic composition. In this chapter I would like to focus on actual compositions that employ techniques like grammars, constraint programming, techniques from machine learning like Markov chains or artificial neural networks etc., and then discuss technical details in the light of such examples.

I am looking for material on relevant compositions. I am particularly looking for compositions that use these or other relevant algorithmic composition techniques in a characteristic way. For example, there exist compositions where filter movements are controlled with rhythmic constraints, where multiphonics are composed with a constraint-based system, where rules control the resulting formats of an overall orchestral sound to make the orchestra “speak”… So, on the one hand, pieces that use such techniques in a somewhat unconventional way by going beyond the generation of mere note pitches and/or durations are interesting for me. On the other hand, of course also the generation of note pitches and/or durations can of course be characteristic, e.g., by further developing an underlying technique (e.g., by combining some knowledge-based technique with another technique), or simply the resulting music is convincing. You get the idea.

So, I would be grateful if you point out relevant compositions. If this is a composition of your own, I would welcome informative details (e.g., score/recording, and a description of your algorithmic composition technique(s)).

I am looking forward to your responses. Thank you very much!

Best wishes,

Dr Torsten Anders
Course Leader, Music Technology
University of Bedfordshire
Park Square, Room A315