[ 25. Mai 2016 ]

CALL – Animated Notation Online Symposium 2016

Von: jef chippewa

Datum: Wed, 25 May 2016

Betreff: [cec-c] [OT: FINAL CALL] Animated Notation Online Symposium 2016

could be some people interested here. this is an exciting project i am

involved in that will give an overview of and help delineate the various

practices in „animated notation“.

feel free to contact me for further details / questions / comments.


jef chippewa

please forward! DEADLINE 31 MAY for submissions, article proposals, etc.


Until very recently, the innovations presented to the field of music

notation remained fairly conventional. However, recent developments

indicate that the field of tools for musical notation is now moving

towards new forms of representation. Animated Notation is one of them.

This symposium is dedicated to issues in theoretical and applied

interdisciplinary research and development in Animated Music Notation.

Music and art history reveal clearly a wide range of approaches

regarding the connection of animations, graphics or other visuals for

music notational purposes. The approaches of single artists or composers

are very individual and vary significantly. The aim of this symposium is

to get a glimpse of recent mutations of animated notation and

representation in all artistic domains.

The main topics of interest include but are not limited to:

– Animated music notation in all its manifestations.

– Interdisciplinary perspectives on animated notation, from an

historical, technical or æsthetic perspective.

– Working with animated notation outside a purely musical context.

– Animated notation used in pedagogical contexts.

– Analysis of an existing animated notation.

NB: ANS is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Canadian

Electroacoustic Community (CEC) and their online journal for

electroacoustic practices, eContact! Selected submissions to the

Animated Notation Online Symposium 2016 will be published in an upcoming

issue of eContact! on the topic of Notation of Electroacoustic and

Digital Media. econtact.ca

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