[ 2. Dezember 2014 ]

CALL – Appel d’œuvre Festival Futura 2015

Subject: Fwd: Appel d’œuvre Festival Futura 2015
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2014
From: CEC

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(le Festival aura lieu du 20 au 22 août prochain à Crest – Drôme
– France)
Call for work for the Festival Futura 2015

deadline march 16

Against all habits

If the artist, as the good craftsman he is, is a person of skills and
savoir-faire, he nonetheless aims to confront himself with the
unknown. As time goes by, he creates his own style, easily
recognisable from work to work, despite its differences. But what
happens if he decides to endanger what best defines him?

Discovering new gaps; going out of phase or let things appear out of
nowhere; approach its own work from weird angles in order to welcome
surprises; leave all certainties at the door, go traveling through the
looking glass and come back later with some ignored gem in hands;
change, finally, our habits, as comfort has always been enemy of

Such would be the main idea behind the Futura 2015 call for works: to
invite composers and sound artists to do something different or to do
the same, but differently.
This should be conceived as a reminder that composing is first and
foremost experiencing the new, facing surprise, and that in order for
that surprise to happen and to continue as works and years go, it is
precise not to forget to break all kinds of automatisms, confront the
expected and try the unseen; not refuse either constraint or freedom;
act as if all knowledge were suddenly forgotten; allow new sensations
to come through…

What happens when one tries to do what he generally doesn’t? This is,
in few words, our proposal.
As such, the 23rd instance of the Futura festival should be a unique
opportunity to make lines move and to disrupt aesthetics; to renew the
art of sounds and to ensure that the works presented will not just be
another works from never-ending catalogues; to ensure also that young
and old composers join forces and share a common desire for invention.

Composers, sound artists, radio artists, video artists, here the
watchword: let’s be surprising!

Conditions :

-Only tape works accepted (acousmatic, musique concrète, radiophonic
art, sound installation…), no real time or anything involving live
-Only two works by composer can be sent (no limitations for the
works with video).
-Stereo works will be prefered (for the multitrack works, a stereo
version is needed for evaluation purpose).
– Works must be sent by internet (wetransfer, dropbox) to:
It’s important that each file is correctly named: with author’s name and
For works with video, it’s possible to send a DVD to the following address
– send to the email info(at)festivalfutura.fr
your name, your adress, a short biography and a short notice of you work
(max. 10 lines each).

Propositions must be sent before March 16 2015.

Festival organisé par Futura http://www.festivalfutura.fr

co-production Motus http://www.motus.fr

avec le soutien de la Sacem et de la Mairie de Crest