[ 20. November 2015 ]

CALL – Artist Residency hosted by ZKM and 4DSOUND

Subject: Artist Residency hosted by ZKM and 4DSOUND

From: Luise Wiesenmüller

Artist Residency

hosted by ZKM and 4DSOUND

The ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics (IMA) supports the funding

and presentation of electronic music in particular and the technological

development of electronic and digital components for music in general.

To this end and within the context of a collaboration with 4DSOUND, the

IMA awards composers, musicians, sound artists and music programmers two

working grants for the creation or composition of new electro-acoustic


4DSOUND is a laboratory and cultural collective exploring spatial sound

as a medium. Since 2008, it has developed an innovative spatial sound

technology that has significantly improved and expanded the

possibilities to create, perform and experience sound spatially. 4DSOUND

is a fully omnidirectional sound environment, where the listener can

appreciate sound in a virtually unlimited spatial continuum. Sound can

move infinitely distant or intimately close to the listener.

During February and March 2016 4DSOUND will be shown in the rooms of ZKM


Conditions of the working grant

The grants are intended for on-site work at the ZKM in Karlsruhe from

February 8 until March 8, 2016. The grant consists of € 1,800 in total

(including travel and accommodation costs) for the whole period. During

the residency period, access to the 4DSOUND System and a studio space

with basic equipment will be made available to grant holders. They will

also receive technical support from the ZKM staff and the 4DSOUND

developers, including an introduction by Paul Oomen between February

8 and February 10, 2016. The newly developed works are expected to be

publicly presented within one of two concerts on March 4 and March 5,

2016 in Karlsruhe by the grant holders. Grant holders are also expected

to contribute to an artist talk prior to the concert on March 5, 2016.

Specific key aspects are

Development of a new work of electronic spatial music, which

explores new possibilities to use the 4DSOUND system.

Expected is also the adoption of the new created piece for the Sound

Dome loudspeaker system of ZKM with the use of the software

Zirkonium. Further information about Zirkonium can be found here:


Application requirements

Brief description of the artistic project or work

Required technology

Short biography

Closing date for applications is December 13, 2015 (date of postmark,

receipt of e-mail).

Selection of beneficiaries will take place internally between the ZKM |

Institute for Music and Acoustics and 4DSOUND. The final announcement of

the selected artists will take place on December 18, 2015.

Please send your complete application to

ZKM | Institut für Musik und Akustik

– Stipendiumsantrag –

Lorenzstraße 19

76135 Karlsruhe

or per e-mail to: ima_proposals(at)zkm(dot)de

More Information about the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics:


System information about 4DSOUND: http://4dsound.net/system_control/


24 digital input channels ( ableton live )

16 analog input channels ( yamaha LS9 )

frequency range: 16 Hz – 20 kHz at 0 db line-out

power: 45x100W per sat / 8x700W per sub

max sum random in Db /Spl: 104.6 db@1 m ( x no inputs – max output )

max sum in phase in Db/Spl: 113.9 db@1 m ( 1 input – max output )


full external control of the 4DSOUND processor via a set of


additional live control via custom LEMUR iPad control

live-position tracking within the system via Ubisense sensors and tags

additional devices and sensors can be connected via OSC

Performance requirements

8 or 16 GB RAM


2.2 Hz i7 processor

MADI HDSPe drivers

thunderbolt breakout from laptop

Live 9.2 64-bit

MaxForLive 6.1

NOTE: 4DSOUND provides a customized performance CPU that can be used

to produce and perform on the system.

Further information: