[ 9. Oktober 2015 ]

CALL – Call for soundscape works – Relincha Festival, Chile.

Subject: Call for soundscape works – Relincha Festival, Chile.

From: Felipe Otondo

Dear all,

this is a call for works created using field recordings as source material.

The selected works will be played at a concert at Relincha Festival,

which will take place at the Modern Art

Museum in Valdivia, Chile, at the end of

November 2015.

Please upload a zip file to an external server that includes a version

of the piece in a non-compressed audio format, a short bio and programme

notes of the composition.

Selected composers will be notified by email.

Please find submission details below.

Best wishes,


Submission details

Duration: up to 10 minutes.

Format: stereo

Submission format: aif or wav (please do not submit mp3 files!).

Submission method: Wetransfer, sendspace or dropbox using the email

address fotondo3(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Deadline for submissions: Friday 23 October 2015.

Dr. Felipe Otondo

Institute of Acoustics

Universidad Austral de Chile