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CALL – CASE World Listening Day Event

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Betreff: CASE World Listening Day Event

World Listening Day 2011 – CALL FOR BELL RECORDISTS

Monday, July 18th, is World Listening Day, R. Murray Schafer’s
birthday http://www.worldlisteningproject.org/?p=667

There are 8 hand-rung bells remaining across Canada. In 1973, the
World Soundscape Project recorded and mapped these bells as part of
The Vancouver Soundscape documentation http://www.sfu.ca/~truax/soundmark.html

In celebration of World Listening Day (WLD), members of the Vancouver
Soundwalk Collective will revisit, record, and map the acoustic
“soundmark” of the hand-rung bells of the Holy Rosary Cathedral on
Sunday, July 17th, and upload them to the CASE site on Monday, July
18th, to mark WLD.

The Canadian Association for Acoustic Ecology (CASE) is seeking
acoustic ecologists, artists, researchers, and ardent listeners in the
area of these bell towers to participate in the following way:

1.) Before July 15th, inform us of your intent to record bells at the
below listed locations on World Listening Day. Include a brief
acoustic bio (3-5 sentences).

2.) On Sunday, July 17th during bell ringing times (note schedules
below) – record the bells. Choose a place that is acoustically
interesting. Be sure to check the schedule and confirm times of
ringing. The focus is on the acoustic resonance of the bells
throughout their environs, including at a distant.

3.) Send a short description (50 words and/or a drawing) of your
location in proximity to the bells, any what / why you want to include
(50 words), and details of the recording equipment used by July 20th.

4.) Recordings can be uploaded to Aporee Radio http://aporee.org/
maps/, as is WLD protocol, but CASE would also like to archive them on
their website with the above information noted. Please include this
statement in your email to us: “I give permission to CASE to include
my recordings of _____ bells on the CASE web-site

Send all the above to chair@acousticecology.ca

For more information about hand bell ringing (change ringing) and
times, visit the following websites:

The North American Guild of Change Ringers http://www.nagcr.org/

Victoria, B.C.: Christ Church Cathedral http://www.nagcr.org/groups/victoria.html

Vancouver, B.C.: Holy Rosary Cathedral http://www.nagcr.org/groups/vancouver.html

Misson, B.C.: Westminster Abby http://www.nagcr.org/groups/mission.html

Calgary Alberta: Christ Church http://www.nagcr.org/groups/calgary.html

Toronto, Ontario: Saint James Cathedral http://www.nagcr.org/groups/toronto.html

Ottawa, Ontario: Handbell Group http://www.nagcr.org/groups/ottawa.html

Quebec City: Cathedral Holy Trinity http://www.nagcr.org/groups/quebec-cathedral.html

Quebec City: Saint Matthews http://www.nagcr.org/groups/quebec-st-matthews.html