[ 7. Februar 2012 ]

CALL – Come Jam with us, wherever you are: A call for performances

Von: Eldad Tsabary
Datum: 6. Februar 2012 20:29:01 MEZ
Betreff: Come Jam with us, wherever you are: A call for performances

A call for telematic performances for Deep Wireless Festival X, 1 May

We are looking for individuals and ensembles from around the world to
perform over the Internet on May 1st 2012 as part of the 10th
anniversary of Deep Wireless, organized by New Adventures in Sound Art

The performances will be part of a webcasted six-hour-long, worldwide
jam session, which will be coordinated from the music department at
Concordia University in Montreal.

Performers are invited from everywhere around the world, as long as
they have access to high-speed broadband Internet and do not mind
performing at potentially strange hours of the day (or night).

Additionally, for a collaborative telematic piece titled “Hug the
world,” proposals are particularly encouraged from Asia, Africa, South
America, Australia and New Zealand, and as far north and south in the
globe as possible.

The programming theme for Deep Wireless 2012 is Freedom and we ask
participants to consider what that means from their cultural and
artistic perspective.

Experience with telematics is not required!

How to propose:
Send an initial expression of interest to hugtheworld2012@gmail.com
Please include the following details in your email:
Ensemble size
Ensemble type (live electronics, laptops, instruments, etc.)
Experience with telematics and jacktrip
Any questions you have
You will receive additional information about logistics, training,
testing, and performance times, etc.

If this is of interest to you, you are encouraged to communicate with
us as early as possible. It will assure proper consideration and
preparation of logistical matters on both ends.

About the festival:
Founded in 2002, Deep Wireless Festival of Transmission Art is an
annual festival based in Toronto that celebrates the endless
possibilities of wireless and other forms of transmission in the arts.

Electroacoustics @ Concordia University:

Eldad Tsabary (Concordia University), Telematic jam session coordinator
Darren Copeland (NAISA), Artistic director
Nadene Thériault-Copeland (NAISA), Managing director