[ 8. August 2012 ]

CALL – Creative Sound Synthesis 2012

Von: Juraj Kojs
Betreff: Call for Works: Creative Sound Synthesis 2012
Datum: 8. August 2012 18:38:04 MESZ

Call for Works: Creative Sound Synthesis 2012

Our annual Street: Festival of Electronic Music, Art and Performance that traditionally completes the 12 Nights of Electronic Music and Art series in Miami, FL is once again scheduled for early December (12/6-8, 2012 during the Art Basel Miami Fair).

We are seeking original works that showcase creative use of analog and/or digital sound synthesis methods to program at the festival.

There is no restriction on the style, media and performance delivery. Fixed and live-electronics pieces as well as compositions engaging acoustic instruments will be considered. Video works, interactive installations and multimodal performances are welcome. Pieces created after the year 2000 are encouraged, although earlier creations will also be accepted. Multiple submissions are permitted.

Send the following materials in an email titled „Creative Synthesis 2012 Submission“ to info@fetafoundation.org by October 1, 2012:

1. One-page text document including:

a. Creator’s/creators‘ name(s) and contact(s)
b. Work title, medium, duration and year of creation
c. Short narrative on the type and use of synthesis technique(s) at work (ca. 100 words)
d. Any program notes (100 words max)
e. Biography (100 words max)
f. Technical requirements

2. A link to audio and/or video recording of the proposed work.

3. A link to any other materials such as code, patches and technical documentations. (If under 10MB in size, include these files as attachment to your submission email.)

4. A copy of the score in the pdf format and any other performance materials (if applicable).

5. In case the work requires a performer, please indicate whether:
A. You anticipate providing the performer(s).
B. You anticipate us providing the performer(s).

We accept electronic submissions only. Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered.

For further info, contact us at: info@fetafoundation.org
Or visit http://fetafoundation.org/

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide performance royalties at this time.
A small number of modest travel stipends are available.