[ 4. Dezember 2015 ]

CALL – CUBE Fest 2016: Massively Multichannel Music – call for proposals

Subject: CUBE Fest 2016: Massively Multichannel Music – call

for proposals

From: Eric Lyon

CUBE Fest 2016: Massively Multichannel Music is now accepting proposals.

The festival will take place at Virginia Tech on August 6 & 7, 2016.

This festival will focus on music for high-density loudspeaker arrays

(HDLA), with 24 or more channels. All proposals sent in a format that

allows for multichannel audition will be reviewed in the intended

multichannel format. Our programming will favor works that create

spatial effects that are not possible in lower order multichannel

formats such as octophonic, 5.1, or stereo. We are interested to present

a very broad stylistic range of music. We are willing to take risks with

audacious proposals that might push the boundaries of spatial audio

experience. For further details please see the link below. Submission

deadline is January 30th , 2016.


A reminder of two other HDLA opportunities:

The 2016 Spatial Music Workshop at Virginia Tech (deadline January 15th,



The Computer Music Journal call for articles on computer music for HDLAs

(deadline January 30th , 2016).


Please feel free to contact me directly with questions about any of

these calls at ericlyon(at)vt(dot)edu.

Thanks for your attention!