[ 30. Juli 2016 ]

CALL – DAÏMÔN – … Call for Submissions

Von: Raphael Néron Baribeau via cec conference

Datum: Tue, 26 Jul 2016

Betreff: [cec-c] DAÏMÔN – Appel de dossiers // Call for

DAÏMÔN // Media Arts Center

Call for submissions – 2017 residencies

DEADLINE : September 1st 2016

For its 2017 programming, DAÏMÔN wishes to receive submissions which

propose innovative explorations of narrative in media art.

We are seeking projects which interrogate new ways of making narrative

and creating meaning in the digital era. How can narrative be

articulated in interactive and installation-based artistic practices?

What new forms of writing are made possible by digital media and

technology? DAÏMÔN encourages artists to push the boundaries of their

practices and to develop new approaches through the use of video; sound,

electronic and digital art; and photography. Only projects involving a

certain degree of artistic exploration will be considered.

Details here: http://www.daimon.qc.ca/event.php?lg=en&id=33

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