[ 11. März 2014 ]

CALL – électroacoustique festival and call for works

Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 09:35:43 +0100
From: julien guillamat
Subject: KLANG ! acousmonium – Maison des Arts Sonores

KLANG ! acousmonium – Maison des Arts Sonores

KLANG ! électroacoustique

5th to 7th June 2014

The new electroacoustic music festival in Montpellier. Meet leading
French and international names in contemporary music. This year KLANG !
électroacoustique focuses on acousmatic music with F. Bayle, F. Dhomont,
J. Harrison , B. Capelle, D. Smalley, A. Vande Gorne and some live with
C. de Coudenhove, SOUNDkitchen, I. Chia, L. Rodz, audio-visual
installations with I. Wickmann, conferences, workshops, masterclass and

Eager for new experiences, music lovers, contemporary or electronic
music fans, curious: this festival is for you! Music will be performed
on the new Montpellier loudspeaker orchestra KLANG – acousmonium, a
system of more than 50 speakers positioned around the audience and the
musicians. A unique sound experience in an exceptional place!
The festival is co-organised by Maison des Arts Sonores and La Chapelle
Co- directors : Julien Guillamat & Etienne Schwarcz

Book now your Festival Pass (the number of places is limited ! )
Thursday € 6/8
€ Friday, 12.10.15
€ Saturday 10/12/15
3-day pass € 20
Book at La Chapelle Gely :

Concerts, audio-visual installations , conferences, competitions ,
workshops and master classes for younger children, enthusiasts and
The detailed program will soon be revealed.

The first composition competition KLANG ! électroacoustique and
organised by Maison des Arts Sonores is open to all composers.

KLANG ! électroacoustique is a festival of electroacoustic music (fixed,
live and mixed) co-hosted by LA Chapelle Gely and Maison des Arts
Sonores. This year, the co-directors Julien Guillamat and Etienne
Schwarcz decided to focus on acousmatic music (works composed in the
studio, recorded on media and do not require any live sound source).
We invite composers to submit their pieces.

The competition will take place in two stages:
1. The jury listen all the pieces and pre-select 4 to 6 finalists.
2. Finalists‘ music will be played at the festival KLANG !
électroacoustique between the 5th and 7th of June 2014. The jury will
announce the final decision (1st and 2nd prize) at the end of the last
concert of the festival.

Jury members this year are: François Bayle , Francis Dhomont, Julien
Guillamat , Jonty Harrison, Denis Smalley, Etienne Schwarcz and Annette
Vande Gorne.

Composers who wish to interpret their parts on the acousmonium may come
to the festival.

Parts can be stereo or multichannel (maximum 10 channel). The format of
the audio file must be wave or aiff and the sampling rate must be
between 16bit 44.1kHz (stereo parts) and 24bit 48KHz (for multitrack).

The audio files will be named only by their title. They will be placed
in a folder (also named by the title of the piece) adding the text file
(KLANG_Candidate_file.txt), completed by the composer. This process must
be respected to guarantee the anonymity of the applicant. Audio files
with name or surname of the composer will be removed from competition.

Send your folder with http://www.hightail.com/send to arts.sonores@gmail.com

Deadline for submission is the 8th of April 2014. Finalists will be
announced by the 2nd of May 2014.

If you have any problem with submitting your piece or any question,
please contact us at arts.sonores@gmail.com

Julien Guillamat