[ 15. Januar 2011 ]

CALL FOR PAPERS – Re-thinking Music of Today

Von: Kevin Dahan
Datum: 14. Januar 2011 14:12:13 MEZ
Betreff: Re-thinking Music of Today – CfP

Re-thinking Music of Today

7-8 April 2011

Organized by Kevin Dahan and Fabien Lelarge
Université de Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée

Postmodernism developments and diffusion accelerated differentiation,
acknowledgment and hybridization of diverse musical styles. Thanks to
the continuing expansion of „hybrid“ or „crossover“ music, specialized
literature bloomed, but thinking on these multiple trends as a whole
rarely occurred.

Analytical tools available for the contemporary music musicologist
offer an interesting angle, but are limited to their sole objects ;
methods applied to the study of popular music often lack a sufficient
distance to their objects.

We think that a new musicological approach is needed, which would take
into account both historical findings from „traditional“ musicology,
but be flexible enough as to permit openings on all of today’s musical
practices. For example, viewpoints from non-academic actors could give
insight on conditions needed to permit diffusion of „academic“
contemporary music to a wider audience.

Paper sessions will be followed, expanded and supported by concerts
(at the same location).

We would welcome papers from young and confirmed researchers alike, in
domains such as (but not limited to) popular music, music sociology,
XXth century musicology, music psychology.

Abstract deadline: February 28, 2011
Please send abstracts (500 words) in word or pdf format to kevin.dahan@univ-mlv.fr
or fabien.lelarge@univ-mlv.fr

Please forward this message to anyone you think would be interested.

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