[ 26. Oktober 2012 ]

CALL – From Tape to Typedef: 30.01.13-02.02.13 Sheffield

Von: Adrian Moore
Betreff: From Tape to Typedef: 30.01.13-02.02.13 Sheffield
Datum: 23. Oktober 2012 13:20:19 MESZ

From tape to typedef 30.01.13 – 02.02.13
Concerts, papers, workshops, networking


The deadline for this conference/symposium is fast approaching. Thanks to all that have submitted thus far. I am certain this will be an inspirational event. If you have any questions about the event please do not hesitate to contact me. If you wish to submit something, please take a look at:


and between now and January we can keep the community going via some facebook (but hey, I know we all have much better things to be doing that updating stati!)