[ 24. Juni 2014 ]

CALL – Helvete, Calls for Art, Issues 3 & 4

From: Helvete Art
Date: Fri, Jun 20, 2014
Subject: Helvete, Calls for Art, Issues 3 & 4

Dear companions,

It is time for some news.

Our publisher is currently putting Helvete’s 2nd issue onto pages, and
it is time that we release our calls for the 3rd and 4th issues.

These next two issues will be edited by Amelia Ishmael and Niall Scott.
And the deadline for proposals for both issues is August 1st, 2014.

Details of these two calls are attached, but first short introductions.

Issue 3 is tentatively titled Bleeding Black Noise. The concept for this
issue was born within some of the submissions that we were already
receiving in essays and art that did not necessarily fit into the
conversations formed by the earlier two issues. We enjoyed how they
stuck out and asked questions. And we want to encourage more
experimentation still. We would like this issue to evidence some of the
experiential qualities of black metal that confront black metal’s
dissents, feedbacks, noises, and disruptions.

Issue 4 is tentatively titled Black Metal and Politics, and seeks to
give a concentrated platform to the conversations that have been
happening alongside our theoretical work, regarding black metal’s
complicated and diverse relationships to politics. You will notice that
the call for this issue gives itself a year and a half for editing. This
is because we anticipate this issue to be a little more difficult to
publish, but necessarily so. With this issue we will confront the
politics of language, we seek to publish essays beyond the English
language which has previously defined our conversations.
We are looking forward to your submissions.

Dark regards,

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