[ 4. September 2016 ]

CALL – ISCM World New Music Days in Vancouver, Nov.2-8 2017

Von: DEGEM / Annesley Black

Datum: Sun, 4 Sep 2016

Betreff: CALL – ISCM World New Music Days in Vancouver, Nov.2-8 2017

Dear DEGEM Members and composers of electroacoustic music

please don’t forget to apply to the ISCM World New Music Days in

Vancouver, Canada, November 2-8, 2017.


1. Official Submissions are submitted by a Section or Full Associate

Member of the ISCM in good standing. A complete list of ISCM members is

available at http://www.iscm.org http://www.iscm.org/about/members.

More information on the Official Submissions

iscm2017.ca/official-subs/ page.

The German Section is the Gesellschaft für Neue Musik :


More details on applying to the German section including the deadline

for submissions will soon be available on their website. There are no

application fees for official submissions.

2. Individual Submissions are submitted by an independent composer or a

composer’s authorized representative. Find more information on the

Individual Submissions iscm2017.ca/individual-subs/ page.

There are many categories for electroacoustic components including:

Category 4: Composer Performer

Category 5: Vancouver Electronic Ensemble:


Category 6: Electroacoustic

Category 7: Installation

(at Western Front New Music: front.bc.ca/?program=new-music)

as well as many ensembles who welcome live/ pre-recorded electronics

(Powell Street Festival, Red Chamber, Land’s End Ensemble, Standing

Wave, Musica Intima, Aventa Ensemble, NOW Ensemble, Hard Rubber

Orchestra, Victoria Symphony, solo piano, solo violin, various solo and

duo combinations, Piano and Erhu Project, Vancouver New Music String

Orchestra, Emily Carr String Quartet, etc.)



for more information.

Wir hoffen auf zahlreiche Bewerbungen von DEGEM Mitgliedern!

in namen des Vorstands, mit herzlichen Grüßen,

Annesley Black