[ 13. Februar 2012 ]

CALL – Metamorphose Competition 2012 launching

Von: Musiques & Recherches
Datum: 13. Februar 2012 16:06:15 MEZ

The seventh biennal competition for acousmatic competition organised by Musiques & Recherches (M&R) is launched!

There are two categories of participants:

• category A open to composers born in 1984 and after, as well as composition students (proving such quality). There is no registration fee for A category;

• category B open to composers born in 1963 and after. Registration fee for category B amounts to 16,00 € for each participant

All details about the competition and the prizes are enclosed in the Competition Regulation on the left of your screen. Please read all instructions carefully.

The deadline for applying, sending your work as well as all documents mentioned in the regulation (bio, notice of the work, copy of ID/Passport, catalog of the works) is 12 April 2012.

Acousmatic: Pre-recorded work composed in studio, projected on loudspeakers in concert, without any intervention of other live sound sources.


INSCRIPTION : http://www.weezevent.com/METAMORPHOSES